Minty Corgan Designs

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Hello, I am Laura, the designer of MintyCorganDesigns. Thank you for visiting my website! My love and attraction to beautiful stone and crystal jewelry has bled into my painting design studio & from it came MintyCorganDesigns. All items in my shop are lovingly handmade by yours truly.

MintyCorgan is a handcrafted jewelry line that features hand picked crystals, natural stones and semi precious stones. I have always collected rocks and stones and I am so excited that my passion for these natural elements have carried over to my creative and design side.

I am an artist and graduated with my BFA in painting, but got a taste for jewlery making and design through metalsmithing and jewelry in my undergrad program. I am constantly in the studio creating in both 2-dimensional and 3- dimensional space.

I am always in the studio coming up with new designs and hunting for new treasures and stones.